Whether you are a workforce, career, or economic development or human resources professional, concurrent workshops are a  great way to develop new skills on topics of interest to you and your organization!

Enhance Your Transformational Leadership Skills: Increase Feelings of Equity and Equality
Treena Chabot, Principal Consultant
TREE for Supervisors

In this session, you will look at equity in a new way, and develop skills for increasing feelings of equity in your department or team. You will examine your thinking and behavior, and have a new insight on equality. By improving your MeYouQ© you will have better relationships at work, which will lead to satisfied, engaged, and productive employees. You will be in a better position to avoid discrimination and to become a transformational leader.

As a people leader, you need to be concerned with equity and equality in the workplace, and MeYouQ© can help you achieve these goals. Many supervisors are conscious of equity, but are trying to balance inputs and outputs the wrong way. Many supervisors think they are treating people equally, but their efforts are not working.

Most of all, by building MeYouQ©, you will have more peace in your own life and be able to live your purpose with confidence.

3 Things Every Recruiter Wishes Candidates Knew About Interviewing
Scott Faurot, Founder
Blue Shoe Recruiting

Interviewing has become the equivalent of a corporate root canal. Both evoke fear, sweaty palms and a level of stress that are almost unbearable.

Over the last two decades, I have interviewed thousands of candidates both over the phone or in person. I am ready to share with you what the winning interview strategies are and what corporate recruiters are looking for every candidate to say.

In my discussion, I will share the ways to attract a corporate recruiter with an eye-catching LinkedIn profile.  I will discuss the correct way to prepare for an interview and how to receive an offer without asking for one.  If you are serious about landing your next job, you must do well in the interview. Stop hoping the conversation goes well and begin deploying guidelines that will ensure success. Start by attending this session.

All on Board: Helping Immigrants and Refugees Chart a Pathway to Employment
Sandra Marsh-McClain, Senior Program Manager
Pennsylvania Women Work

Organizations need to attract talent to fill critical roles. The refugee and immigrant population in our communities are seeking self- and family-sustaining employment but face significant barriers in achieving this goal. How can workforce development professionals create pathways to help non-native job seekers navigate the complex path to secure employment and achieve economic self-sufficiency? In this session, you will identify the unique obstacles faced by this population—across a broad spectrum of education, work backgrounds, and English language skills—discover resources along the path, and create a plan relevant to your particular needs and community.

How to Mind Your EQ. IQ... and AQ
Emanuel Thomas, Transformational Mindset Coach

Many working professionals are familiar with the term IQ (Intelligence Quotient). Most working professionals are familiar with the term EQ (Emotional Quotient). However, FEW working professional are familiar with the term AQ (Adaptability Quotient), which is the most important factor of the three, if you're looking to become a successful business leader, business partner, mid-level manager, frontline employee, etc...

The reason why 'AQ' is the most important out of the three, when it comes to you pursing your personal path of becoming the best version of yourself, is because with the personal aim for growth--COMES STRESS. Unforeseen stress. Silent stress. Mental stress. Career ending stress.

But... all is not lost. There's a way to ensure that regardless of whatever stresses presents itself in your life, they can all be managed 'IF' you understand the specific margins of your Adaptability Quotient.

This will be a highly interactive workshop between myself and those in attendance. Collaborative, conversational, and transactional will be the style of this particular presentation. There will be a call to action that those in attendance can, and most certainly will implement in their personal and professional lives.

So the question is... Are you ready?

Rejuvenation Through Meditation
Daniela Nastasi
Meditation Expert, Speaker & Coach
Unequivocal Mind Mastery, LLC

Hear my story.  How I went from being on a constant roller coaster of overwhelm to finding freedom from my negative thoughts.  Throughout the session we will cover:

  • Tapping into How your Mind Works:  Discover how your brain is wired so you can improve your mindset, sift through unhealthy thoughts and clear the path toward empowering ideas.  Understand how different, learned behaviors can create patterns in how your mind works, which naturally results in stress, anxiety or depression.
  • Boost your Business: Learn how meditation can also boost your physical health, including energy and blood flow, leading to improved decision making as a leader and business owner.
  • Meditation for Daily Life: You'll be provided with tools on how to practice multiple techniques specific for alleviating depression, anxiety, reducing blood pressure and inflammation & increasing energy, clarity and inner peace and more.  You'll be well equipped to start practicing with confidence and ease.
  • Guided Group Meditation: I'll guide you through a simple, calming and healing meditation that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the world.

Purposeful Culture Change Begins with Narrative Intelligence
Christina Blacken
Founder, Chief Story Strategist
The New Quo

When change occurs, panic sets in, and most organizations struggle to maintain motivation, engagement, and goal setting through transition - primarily focusing on numbers-driven and money focused goals with no context as to why these numbers matter. In this talk, attendees will learn:

  • how critical having a clear purpose is for employee retention, innovation, and the bottom line.
  • how story is a key component for creating a clear purpose and direction that is inspiring and motivating.
  • the key types of stories every leader should be telling regularly within and outside of the workplace to create a culture of inclusive connection, engagement, and growth.

A Leader's "No": When "No" Becomes Your New Bestie
Tessie Watts, M.S.
CEO / Leadership Strategist
The Leadership Haven Resource Center, LLC

Warren Buffet once quoted, “The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything”. “No!” is a small word, yet a powerful word, one that may have big consequences when used. It’s a word that can improve our lives and make us more valuable to those we say it to – those we want to help in this world. “No” is a Leadership word; and a Leader’s “No” is the only way that you are able to give 100 percent of yourself 100 percent of the time to the tasks that are important to your MISSION and are in alignment with the life you most desire.

This will be a fun and interactive workshop where leaders will learn to respect the limits to their time, energy, and interests; and attendees will learn how to avoid those actions that may potentially destroy their own ability to doing things well.

Emergence: A New Paradigm for a Post-COVID World
Jessica Campain
Facilitator & Career Counselor
Professional Outplacement Assistance Center

As we enter a post-covid world, it will not be possible to resume business as usual in every area of our lives. This pandemic has changed us and our culture irrevocably. It is incumbent upon us to co-create the new normal. One of our options is to be intentional in our approach and turn to the concept of emergence. Emergence offers a way to make more sense of what has happened and how we might proceed with a transformative approach. Sourcing the work of thought leaders such as Thomas Kuhn, Bayo Akomalafe, Charles Eisenstein, Peter Russell, Jordan Peterson, Marion Woodman, Joseph Campbell, and others, Jessica Campain outlines the structure of paradigm shifts, practices that will not survive in a post-covid world, and offers new ways of thinking about ourselves, our life's work, and our world to support us in this journey into an uncertain future.

Multipotentiality In the Workplace
Mia Wilson
New Birth, LLC

Multipotentiality: the ability and preference of a person to excel in two or more different fields. This term will have a major impact on the employees, teams, organizations, and businesses of the future, especially with the rise of Millennial leaders and Generation Z employees. However, very few people know that multipotentiality exists, including those who possess it. Introducing and embracing multipotentiality in the workplace leads to more diversity, inclusion, collaboration, and improved personal and professional development for everyone. Being intentional now about proactively understanding and embracing multipotentiality in our future leaders creates better business results later.

Becoming a Person of Influence: How to Positively Impact the Lives of Others
Kevin Wayne Johnson
The Johnson Leadership Group LLC

Becoming a person of influence, is all about who you are as a person and how you treat those around you. People can be influenced by all kinds of traits and personalities, but a true person of influence does so by meeting the needs of those people around them. Each focus area (there are 10) outlines a different function a person of influence has with those which they come into contact with. A person of influence:

-Has Integrity with people
-Nurtures other people
-Has Faith in people
-Listens to people
-Understands people
-Enlarges people
-Navigates for other people
-Connects with people
-Empowers people
-Reproduces other influencers

We teach that honesty, integrity, unselfishness, kindness and understanding are crucial components of any relationship, business or personal. We believe that as you strengthen your character, you will enjoy a more fulfilling and productive life, at home and at work. Our material is spiced with entertaining anecdotes and glimpses of business celebrities.