Rebekah Wilkes, Washington Employment Security Department  During this session you will learn about how your perceptions, attitudes, and communication effect how you interact with co-workers, customers, and community members. Participants will be encouraged to “think outside the box” in this session. We will explore the benefits of positivity and the cost of negativity in the workplace, and examine ways to be more positive. The presenter will also discuss the types of communications and the use of the SOLER technique during conversations. Finally, attendees will take a communication personality test to explore their communication styles, and discuss the four communication styles for better business communication.

Learning Objectives

  • Attendees will develop increased self-awareness about their communication styles and how that affects their interactions with others.
  • Attendees will explore how their attitudes can affect their work and ways to embrace a positive attitude.
  • Attendees will obtain knowledge about four communication styles and learn strategies to communicate more effectively.