Serilda Summers Mcgee – Workplace Change, LLC – The expectations of our workforce are rapidly changing and employers, small and large, must adapt to remain relevant and competitive. Today, employees switch companies quicker with the average tenure at an organization being 2.7 years; employees want career progression more rapidly; younger professional are seeking greater work/life balance; and younger employees want to work with companies that have a social impact/ social justice component to its work. The workforce is also more mobile, global, highly diverse, and employees can amplify their voices in new and expressive ways. So, what can leaders do to appeal to highly selective, quality talent? Adapt!

During my keynote, we will explore the restrictive ways organizations and leaders can stifle creativity and new ways to promote accountability, authenticity, and high performance on your teams! We will explore the best and worst ways to promote a modern and inclusive workplace. This Keynote will leave participants aware of what exclusion looks like, empowered to promote an inclusive work environment in their development endeavors and prepared to move to the next phase of inclusion development.