Dr. Rich Feller

Rich Feller, PhD

The Future of Work Dr. Rich Feller currently serves on the faculty of Colorado State University as a counselor educator specializing in career development. Rich is author of over seventy-five publications.Throughout his career, Rich has been the recipient of numerous professional awards and served on the Boards of the National Career Development Association.

Elisabeth Sanders-Park

Elisabeth Sanders-Park

Knowledge Nomads: Helping People Thrive in a Job-less Work Environment Elisabeth Sanders-Park is a leading consultant on career development and the president of Worknet Solutions. Besides her innovative training workshops and programs, she is a highly sought-after speaker and has written many articles and two books on career development, including No One Is Unemployable and The 6 Reasons You’ll […]

Dr. Harpreet Singh

Artificial Intelligence and its Impact on Workforce Development Harpreet Singh, PhD, Founder & Co-CEO, Experfy, Harvard Innovation Lab Incubated. AI is likely to have a devastating impact on jobs in the coming decade. In this presentation, we will discuss the impact of AI on local economies, strategies for upskilling workers and solutions that can make […]

Mikell Fryer

A Personal Look at Leadership Have you ever wondered why being in leadership positions at home, work, church, or even in your local community group are so tough? Then you want to attend Mikell’s dynamic and interactive presentation and workshop: A Personal Look at Leadership. Where Mikell share many helpful leadership tips he learned from his […]

Kirk Lew

Kirk Lew is a Senior Policy Adviser with the Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) is the only non-regulatory federal agency that promotes policies and coordinates with employers and all levels of government to increase workplace success for people with disabilities.

Greg Wilson

Understanding the Economic Development Process Workforce development professionals play an important role in your community, region, and state’s economic development strategy. This plenary session will prepare attendees to serve as partners in the economic development process. Participants will learn about the different facets of an effective economic development strategy, key roles, success factors, and common […]