Greg Wilson – Carl Vinson Institute of Government University of Georgia

Workforce development plays a critical role in helping job-seekers find employment and help businesses find talent in a tight labor market. This new paradigm in the workforce development ecosystem requires new approaches, different skills, and deeper partnerships with business and economic development. Workforce development professionals play a critical role in building partnerships, preparing job seekers, and bridging the gap between business and education. This session will prepare workforce development professionals to help build and lead sector partnership initiatives focused on shared partnerships with key industry sector, education, and job training programs. Intermediaries such as economic development organizations, chambers of commerce, and trade associations play a critical role in helping to represent their members interests. Workforce development professionals will learn how to partner and leverage intermediaries to help serve job seekers and their communities.

Workshop Title: Implementing Sector Partnerships: A hands-on workforce for building and strengthening sector-based workforce strategies

This hands-on session is a follow-up to the morning’s keynote “Elevating Workforce Development Efforts through Deeper Partnerships with Business and Economic Development”. Participants will learn about the key steps to building a sector partnership in their community or region. A case study approach will be used to discuss the required initial planning, data collection, and key partner engagement for success. Participants will develop a plan to implement or strengthen sector partnership efforts in their community.