Fia Fasbinder – Moxie Institute – Beyond simply skill and style, Discovering Your Unique Trainer Persona is a completely original active workshop designed to empower participants with high level interpersonal communication skills to improve workplace engagement and productivity. We provide effective skills training through a unique and modern methodology designed to arm you and your team with the same preparation, relaxation, and delivery techniques used from Broadway to TED stages. We’ll help participants identify their personal speaking strengths, command the space, channel speaking anxiety, as well as understand how to best communicate with coworkers and clients with proven verbal and nonverbal techniques. The result is more impactful and persuasive presentations and more effective communication. The skills covered in this workshop are immediately applicable, and will directly lead to greater trust and more authenticity and conviction in every speaking moment, from everyday business presentations and team meetings to sales interactions and impromptu conversations.

Learning Objectives:

• Face audiences confidently, persuade them ethically
• Understand and apply strategic non-verbal communication skills
• Control stress and speaking anxiety with calming relaxation methods.