Amy Hart, Hart Training Connection You’ve been there – a frustration on your team “brews” until it becomes an active resentment or explodes into unhealthy conflict. Disagreements and frustration happen, and when they aren’t dealt with, it affects both morale and productivity.

What if we can show our teams simple tools to handle difficult conversations before things get blown out of proportion? After reviewing why people avoid these conversations and the cost of doing so, team members will be motivated to try the 5-Step Process to Prepare for Difficult Conversations. The process and tools learned, with practice, can create skills that build stronger and more productive relationships

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn what makes difficult conversations tough, the cost of avoiding them, and how to avoid common mistakes
  • Learn a 5-step Process to Enable Difficult Conversations that builds stronger, more productive team relationships
  • Learn specific Tools and Resources to help strengthen communication skills