You want to attend the 2020 Workforce Development Conference; now it is time to convince your manager!  Attending any conference is a big investment of time and money.  Often managers are concerned about the potential return on that investment.  We’ve designed the tools below to help you demonstrate the value of you attending WDC2020 and why it is worth investment!


Use the following tools to help show your manager the benefits of attending and the return on investment they will receive by you attending WDC2020.

Manager Letter

Customize this email to your manager to demonstrate the value of attending the Workforce Development Conference.

Reasons to Attend

Use these reasons why to attend the conference as talking points during your conversations about you attending WDC2020.

Conference Schedule Worksheet

Customize this conference schedule worksheet with the session you plan to attend and why or how attending these sessions brings value to you and organization.  Note the full list of speakers and workshops will be available by February 14.

Cost Worksheet (coming soon!)

On this worksheet, show the total cost of attending WDC2020 in comparison to other workforce conferences.