Are You Ready to Assess Career Assessments?

Amber Drake, CDFI with the Oregon Health Authority – If career development theories work to bridge the connection between the Customer and the World of World, then career assessments are the bricks within that bridge. Assessments are powerful tools to help the Customer gather information about themselves and the World of Work. They are intended to help increase the Customer’s awareness of their likes, dislikes, talents, motivations, etc. and then help them make informed decisions regarding their career development plans.  In assessing career assessments, workforce professionals can identify ways to incorporate these tools into the Customer’s overall experience.

During this interactive session, participants will:

  • Differentiate between formal and informal assessments
  • Recognize the basic uses of assessments and common assessment pitfalls
  • Describe how to prepare a Customer for assessment success
  • Identify ways on how to use career assessments to enhance the Customer’s experience